Friday, April 04, 2008

Temasek & the SWF Issue: A Few Articles

The purpose of this post is just to archive a few articles (click for full images) that have been in the press (specifically TODAY), regarding Temasek and the SWF issue.

The first was an editorial (2 Apr 08) by Conrad Raj, Editor-at-large of Today, on the semantics of the SWF. I would like give Conrad a pat on the back for being one of the few journalists in Singapore to have the courage to write a piece confronting Temasek on its behaviour; I have not seen similar content from Straits Times or My paper (which instead comes up with crap like this)

The second is a short response to Conrad's piece by an interested reader (3 Apr 08)

And finally, we have Myrna Thomas' response to the two (4 Apr 08). As usual, Ms Thomas gives Singaporeans the same lines (about being purely commercially oriented) that Temasek has been spewing for a long while.

Interestingly, while all this activity has happened in TODAY, nothing has appeared in the Straits Times regarding this issue. I wonder what has happened to my letter.

Update: Another letter on Temasek, a day after this post was published.

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