Friday, April 11, 2008

Next Generation Broadband Around the World: Pricing, Penetration & Technology

This post highlights some key statistics of Next-Gen Broadband availability around the world, and benchmarks the Singapore's broadband pricing (SingTel, StarHub) against comparables abroad.


As the following chart shows (click for full images), the most affordable 100Mbps plans are available in Korea, Japan and Sweden. StarHub's MaxOnline 100Mbps plan is by far the most expensive 100Mbps plan.

Other high-speed broadband plans are available, but are slower than 100Mbps, as the following chart shows. Particularly notable is the pricing of broadband in the USA. The vertically integrated industry model allowed by the FCC has resulted in exceptionally high pricing of broadband by Verizon in the USA, compared to the rest of the world. However, the 12Mbps plan of StarHub and the 10Mbps plan of SingTel are very very expensive relative to other comparables.(Click for full image)


Global FttX penetration rate statistics show that Korea, Japan and Hong Kong are way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to FttX adoption:


Finally, we see that Passive Optical Networks (PONs) are the preferred network architecture used by the telcos, with EPON deployed in Japan and GPON preferred elsewhere:

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