Monday, September 03, 2007

Temasek Watch 3rd Sep 07


Barclays has recently been in the news due to its involvement in the subprime markets through credit derivatives and related instruments. Temasek recently took a stake in the company slightly more than a month ago, in order to support its bid for ABN Amro.

Battered Barclays May Lose ABN Bid (BusinessWeek)

Barclays Falls to Earth (Times Online)

Barclays must clear the air if it wants ABN (Times Online)

Barclays chief urges intervention over turmoil (Guardian)

China Eastern

Singapore Airlines has broken into the Chinese aviation market with a large minority in China Eastern Airlines. This is one of the first major investments by a major foreign airline into the Chinese Aviation market, and we will have to watch and see how this plays out as it is still very early days.

Can Singapore Air Teach China Eastern to Fly? (Forbes)

Singapore buys $918 million stake in China Eastern Air (Reuters)

Singapore Airlines to Boost Presence in Chinese Market (Times Online)

China Eastern sees doubled 1st-half net profits (Jongo News)

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