Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Defence of 'Xenophobia'

Much has been made about Singapore's growing aversion to the foreigners. Many PAP politicians have been quoted 'warning' Singaporeans against xenophobia, and various bloggers are writing about how Singaporeans are getting unreasonable in their attitudes towards foreigners.

But hold on a minute, are Singaporeans really xenophobic? Xenophobia is defined as "an unreasonable fear of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange." Let's examine the behaviour of foreigners in Singapore and ask ourselves if there is reason to be fearful of foreigners.

  1. They vandalise [Oliver Fricker, link] and then flee justice [Lloyd Dane Alexande,r link]
  2. They assault us and then flee justice [miller, springall, dahlberg, link]. 
  3. They kill us [PRC bus driver, link] and then flee justice.[Ionescu, link]
  4. They take millions of tax payer dollars in scholarship money [link], and some even have the audacity to insult us while doing so [Sun Xu]
  5. Many of these foreign scholars aren't particularly brilliant, anyway [link]
  6. They are racist [link]
  7. They think we are shit [link].
  8. They take our jobs. See [here] and [here]
  9. They contribute to skyrocketing property prices. [link]
  10. They abuse public housing [pinoy hdb motel, link]
  11. They overload our infrastructure [link] and contribute to MRT breakdowns [link]
  12. They refuse to pay for taking public transport [link]
  13. They do weird stuff that looks like kidnapping [link]
  14. They drag down our productivity [link]
  15. ...
Am i even close to a complete list? I don't think so...

The misbehaviour of foreigners and ill-effects of the immigration policy are clear for all to see. And yet the Govt wants to accuse singaporeans of having "an unreasonable fear of foreigners"?

Most foreigners are self-centered, mercenary, calculative and unscrupulous. They are just here to make money and at the slightest whiff of a better opportunity, are ready to pack up and go back home or to other 'greener' pastures. They have no vested interest in the development and growth of Singaporean society, and many are disrespectful of our culture, our laws and the values that we hold dear.

I think it is clear that Singaporeans have plenty of reasons to fear the presence of foreigners in Singapore. It is only a natural emotional response to be wary of those who are here for selfish gain and who have no respect for our society.

Things had better start changing soon, or the shit is going to hit the fan.


Kevin Jang said...

I do think though that the 'sh-t' has already hit the fan, sad to say. We are already placed in a stage where what the government cares more about now is GDP growth at all costs, and they justify it by saying that the higher the GDP, the more it spreads outwards or can filter down to the people.

Anonymous said...

This place is already infected with all kinds of rats..metaphorically & literally - You find them in tampines, pasir ris, aljunied, kallang, amk etc...

And our fat cats are too fat to catch them..

Anonymous said...


you forgot this mental one...

Anonymous said...

And the 60% voted the MIWs to solve the foreigner issue.

Padaly said...

In complete agreement agreement with you. No other country in the world except Sg pamper and favor FTs over locals. They forgot that the citizens voted them in office. Are they blinded by greed and avarice - Cheap FTs take in profits and more GDPs - that they forgot that they owe the citizens their living and power? By throwing crumbs here and there to alleviate their guilt will not placate the people. We will see their eventual downfall like the KMT in ROC!

Sai Fengjie said...

Hi there, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts on Singapore's current plight and her future. We need people like you who are able to trumpet truths clearly, even though they are difficult to swallow. Why have you stopped writing?