Friday, July 30, 2010

Lee Kuan Yew's "Intellectual Class" will Run Singapore Into the Ground

“We are going to have an intellectual class, about maybe three times as big as what you have now and that will give us the dynamism, the powerful engine to carry us forward faster.” 
- Lee Kuan Yew, 28th July, 2010
Just take a look at Singapore's recent history to see what Lee Kuan Yew's "Intellectual Class" has delivered. Led by none other than his own son, PM Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore's "elite intellectuals" have bandied about policies which are slowly eating away at Singapore's social fabric and which are systematically undoing years of hard work and the foundation upon which this country has arisen.

A senseless growth-at-all-costs mentality and narrow minded focus on GDP growth has led to an open-door immigration policy which is testing the limits of this country. Due to the sudden population shock to the system, transportation, healthcare and housing infrastructure is bursting at the seams. Trains are overcrowded and overpacked, and the roads are chock full of cars. Our hospitals are showing capacity strains, with waiting times for hospital beds raising to all time highs, and doctors being overworked and underpaid. Housing price inflation in Singapore is shooting through the roof due to a lack of common sense on the part of of the Government to provide and plan for adequate housing infrastructure to accommodate the influx of foreign migrants. And while the cost of living continues to soar, incomes for most of Singapore society have either stagnated or fallen. Ostensibly, Singaporeans can now never ever retire.

Crime, prostitution, gambling addiction, human trafficking, ethnic enclaves, and other social problems associated with the importation of 'foreign talent' and a luring of the regional uber rich to the country, are steadily on the rise. The restructuring of Singapore's economy to depend on foreign monetary inflows, particularly through the inordinate promotion of integrated resorts and the private banking sectors, has meant that Singapore's economy will be more highly exposed to the booms and busts of external sector.

Meanwhile, Government failure seems to recur without reprieve. The escape of Mas Selamat and the undetected trespassing into the MRT depots have revealed systemic failures in Singapore's national security. The multiple recurrence of "50-year floods", absurdly labeled as "freak events" by the minister responsible, has put to shame the "forecasting" ability of the old man and his "intellectuals".

And what must surely look ridiculous must be the unjustified expenditure of almost $400m of taxpayers' money to organise a little known sporting event which hardly anybody in the country cares about and which is mostly an inconvenience to the daily lives of ordinary Singaporeans.

No - Singapore's intellectual class is neither vibrant nor 'dynamic'. Singapore's "intellectual class" is really a bunch of book-smart goons hiding behind the screens of Lee Kuan Yew's personal approval, and who have not been through the fire necessary to prove their legitimacy to leadership of the nation. Singapore's "intellectual class" behaves like it has no genuine concern for the prosperity and well being of the country and its citizens, and seems like a group of self-interested individuals bent only on padding their pockets with astronomically large paychecks for as long as they can, while riding on the coat-tails of an authoritarian megalomaniac.

The old man has seriously overstayed his welcome. His misguided ideology is bringing the country down the wrong path. Without the stalwarts of years past (Goh Keng Swee, etc.), there is no wisdom to counteract his madness.

Lee Kuan Yew's "intellectual class" is not only a bad idea for the country - it will run Singapore into the ground.


Anonymous said...


A approximate re-quote from a long dead greek philospher...

"A society that differentiates its scholars with its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its true warrior dying foolishly for nothing".

Sad at the direction singapore and its peoples are heading.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual? Does the Mentor Minister knows it's meaning when he does not even know how to live like a human being?

Did he ever had a day of free living, going anywhere doing anything he likes with no worry?

Was he ever not conscious of who he was/is or thinking how great he must has been and being?

Does he knows he is trapped within his own ego?

Or does he define his ego as his intellect?

Anonymous said...

Yes but isnt the case currently that a fair bit of your scholars are warriors (tho not the other way round)

or at least that quite a number of those that do thinking currently were formerly warriors?

Anonymous said...

Too many Yes man in his old boys’ club of intellects, leaving no room for any intellectual debate which leads to his ultimate brain degeneration and constant brain fart.

Anonymous said...

LKY's idea of intellectual class are those who share and promote his familee values.

You are spot on when you quote the useless PM as the prime example and needless to say, imperative to include the 80 PAP MPs/Stooges

By the way, we can also include the intellectual class in our judiciary who so boldly articulate kangaroo logic to administer justice. It is really obscene when we consider the fact the highly respected members of IBA are dumbfounded!

In truth it is already a tragedy having LKY's intellectual class entrenched in all state institutions.

Alan Wong said...

I am just wondering whether he is indeed leading a happy life now, whether he still has a conscience of his own, and realising the harm and ruin that he has caused so many fellow Singaporeans to suffer at his hands.

At the end of it and in the eyes of so many Singaporeans, what is important is that did he made himself a better human being than the normal man in the street ?

Anonymous said...

I think only in this country where we hear virtually nothing about the seriously ailing wife of the most senior politician in the country. The old man and his family is so obsessive about his private life being a political liability that the news blackout about Mrs Lee is virtually absolute. What is wrong with the man?

What distinguishes man from the animals is what he seems at great pain to display. Like his $oul is written thus.

zy said...

In my case, I feel that the policies in this countries are definitely not going to please, but many are necessary. Can we really close our doors to the foreigners? Is our public transport system really intolerable? Are Singaporeans chained to the system and are made to work too hard?

I beg to differ. After working in other regions for years, I do appreciate the order that is maintained in this country. Yes, I do get frustrated when the train is crowded, but I do not get stuck in it for hours, neither is it as crowded as most other countries.

And just think about it, how can most Singaporeans complain about life and be overweight at the same time? :)

Anonymous said...

I like this post, and i do agree on many of the points. The PAP of yesteryear was great, no doubt about that. DId they have the million dollar pay packets? No doubt they were also scholars in their own right, but I think there is a defining line between the old guard and the new.

Greed. For pay, for Singapore's growth (which directly translates into more pay for each and every one of them), and a semblance that everything is working fine.

Soon it will be time to quit.

- Clarence

Anonymous said...

@ zy - when the govt ingeniously ties to you a home loan and/or car loan that you take a good part of your life paying off, i don't think u have a road to quit so easily.

and well, some people take to eating when they are not happy, that's how.

- Clarence

GJ said...

@zy again: You should also take note that order implies stagnation, especially if the order is so strong that there is no room for disorder. As to closing our doors to foreigners etc., I think you read the term "intellectual class" too broadly.

WHAT sort of intellectuals we have now and WHAT sort we are looking for must be contrasted against each other. I'm sure you will find some interesting contradictions there.

What most people are saying is not that "we don't want foreigners at all and they should all go home." What people are saying is that "we want foreigners who can benefit Singapore as a whole, and our leaders should be able to see what foreigners we are importing." So not all foreigners are bad. But if our leaders turn out to be blinder than the man-off-the street...well.

runroad said...

You are being ruled by a very sick old mind whose brain has degenerated with age and the side-effects of medication he has to take for his failing heart. Just listen to his labored, slurred speech and the rambling repeats of eugenics policies long discredited, like this one. He is literally teetering on the edge of madness.

His son and his party are completely incapable of doing what's best for the nation. Only the failed nation Zimbabwe has something so aged and decrepit at the helm with the power of life and death over his subjects. When the leader of a pride of lions can no longer perform due to age, the rest of the pack drive him out because a feeble leader spells disaster for the future of the unit.

God help all Singaporeans if they don't rouse themselves to get rid of him at the ballot box because the next term will see the country as you knew it consigned to the trashcan of history.

Anonymous said...

Narrow-minded is right; there's a hell of a lot more to life than money and things. What about quality of life? What about a sense of security that bad things like sickness and unemployment can happen to us but we won't lose everything and be saddled with debt for the rest of our lives, working till we die on the job?

I don't know if the fact that they are classified as intellectuals or that they lead sheltered lives from district 10 homes might obscure to them the fact that for most of the massive middle class citizens life isn't easy. And that their insistent push for productivity at the cost of everything else is costing our nation a lot more than just babies. This isn't the 1960s anymore. It's no longer a fight for survival. You can't take things with you to the grave, and it would be a damn shame if a nation's people were to pass with nothing more than a life of toil to show for it.

Anonymous said...

It sure looks like he's determined to take the nation to the grave with him though!

Anonymous said...

I work to have enough to live on; not live so i can do more work.

X' Ho said...

Wonder why the restraint from using the label FASCIST? It's not patented Italian, you know!

Anonymous said...

just why does he look down on his own people? his own people are just not good enough for him...but then, do you notice the difference in the way he behaves in front of the american and the chinese leaders?

Richard Gomez said...

An intellectual is, by definition, someone who has the ability to understand, learn, and think things out quickly. Their greatness lies in their ability to think a problem through and to come up with solutions that have lasting value. Above all they avoid "single cause thinking" such as "the floods were caused by the accumulation of garbage"
We have produced a generation of "bookworms" incapable of sustained thought and action. They are not intellectuals.

Anonymous said...

Stop complaining! U think it is better in the Western world. I have traveled all over the world and still am. I had visited Mt. Sinai Hospital,NY, where you have to bribe the nurses to get their attention and let alone over crowded and dirty.
Your transport system is comparable to the best in the world. Overcrowded? U do not know the meaning. Most of you are complaining because you are having a good life over there. Go to S. Africa, it is not crowded because the streets are too dangerous even to be on them. Go out and see the world before u realize how good a place u have.

utwt said...

"Stop complaining! U think it is better in the Western world. I have traveled all over the world and still am. I had visited Mt. Sinai Hospital,NY, where you have to bribe the nurses to get their attention and let alone over crowded and dirty.
Your transport system is comparable to the best in the world. Overcrowded? U do not know the meaning. Most of you are complaining because you are having a good life over there. Go to S. Africa, it is not crowded because the streets are too dangerous even to be on them. Go out and see the world before u realize how good a place u have."

Don't you see, this is precisely where the system is headed? If the intellectual class remains in power, the system will deteriorate to the point where it is no longer recognizeable and where it is intolerable!

We never want to become like Sinai Hospital or South Africa. That is why we need to remove the "intellectual class" from power, immediately!!!

runroad said...

Mount Sinai Hospital? Did you mean this one?

"Mount Sinai Hospital, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and largest teaching hospitals in the United States. In 2009, Mount Sinai Hospital was ranked as one of the best hospitals in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report in 11 specialties. New York Magazine's inaugural "Best Hospitals" list ranked Mount Sinai Medical Center as #2 for overall best hospital, #3 for emergency care, #3 for pediatrics, #4 for ENT, #3 for psychiatry, #3 for cancer, #3 for cardiac care, #1 for digestive disorders, #5 for orthopedics, #2 for OB-GYN, and #3 for neurology/neurosurgery."

Or maybe you meant Mount Sinai near Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore, eh? Heh, didn't realise there was a hospital there.

So you're the only Singaporean to have visited abroad and none of your fellow countrymen have ventured out which is why they don't realise how wonderfully well-off they are? Ah so. I knew there was a good reason for all the complaints about unaffordable leasehold flats, legalised corruption, failing infrastructure due to gross overcrowding, astronomical medical costs, kangaroo courts, rigged elections and clogged sewers.

The Changi Prison guard must have had it right when he thundered to the prisoners under his care, "Hey, don't you dare complain! You buggers don't realise how lucky you are - 3 meals a day, roof over your head, 1 hour exercise in every 24, room service - all free of charge! You are having a good life over here. Go out and see the locals who wonder where their next meal is coming from and have to sleep in the void decks, park benches and beaches because there is no social security to speak of. Thank your lucky stars you have the PAP to look after you."

Another fine day in paradise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mt. Sinai Hospital in the US. It is hard to believe isn't it. What you see on TV is not what you get. You can be no. 1 in whatever but services to the ordinary people like you and me is another kettle of fish! Another hospital is Royal London Hospital in London UK, it is third world condition in a first world country.

No - I am not a Singaporean. New Zealand waits for you.


runroad said...

My goodness, you uncovered yet another rotten hospital in a first world nation, bravo! We are in your debt sir. This time it's none other than the historic 270-year old Royal London where the TV series Casualty is filmed and which is presently undergoing a $2bn refurbishment, the world's biggest hospital development. Obviously the TV footage must have been doctored to whitewash the reality of third world conditions of care. Never again will we believe the lies they tell us about the excellence of their facilities or fall for fictitious PR spin like the fact that Parkinson (Parkinson’s disease), Langdon-Down (Down’s Syndrome), Barnardo (child welfare), and Florence Nightingale were all alumni there. Would you mind giving us your learned opinion about Gleneagles and NUH of Singapore too when you have the time? Thanks.

So Mr. 'I am not a Singaporean', the question has to be asked. Since Singapore is that perfect, why aren't YOU fighting tooth and nail to become resident here? Why continue to endure the dreadful conditions of your present domicile when heavenly Singapore has its doors flung open wide to welcome you and every Tom, Dick and Uncle Harry? Come on in, the water's fine! And bring a couple of copies of Once A Jolly Hangman with you if you don't mind. I understand the book is well nigh impossible to get hold of here even though the MDA swear that it's not been banned. Strange, that. All copies must have been snapped up by our eager intellectual class, eh?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Sigh" Why? Tell us about your great experience at Mt Sinai and Royal London. Tell us how many times have you visited these 2 hospitals. If it is just one visit or two and you come to the conclusion of a third world standard in these 2 hospitals you are probably no better than those so called intellectuals. The problem with these nuts is they are slow to stick their neck out to make a decision. They just cannot afford to loose their guaranteed salary of at least a minimum of three quarter of a million dollars a year. Their indecisiveness is costing us dear.

If you have been a regular visitor to these 2 hospitals than you are probably sick in your mind. In which case you are forgiven. You cannot simply based your opinion on just one or two visits. May I suggest you examined yourself before condemning these 2 hospitals as having third world standards.

The Pariah said...

It's our 45th National Day ... and yet ...

Perhaps it is telling that NDP 2010 slogans exhort us to:

- "Live our dreams" (viz, they finally acknowledge that it's not for real!)

- "Fly our flag" (if the RCs didn't go round zealously hanging up the flags in HDB blocks, it would be very telling as to how many will - looking at the private condos, less than 5%, man!)

However, at day's end, we Singaporeans deserve the kind of government we get!!! Who kept this bunch of people in power in the first place?

The Pariah,

Anonymous said...

Lemon tree, lemon tree very 'pretty', but it's fruit is IMPOSSIBLE to eat!
- rockabyebaby

Anonymous said...

The Chinese saying “世人皆醉唯我独醒” (meaning everybody is drunk and senseless while I am the only one SOBER) is very befitting for some guys here.
PAP had been returned to power many times in the past 45 years (2/3 majority most of the times). If Singapore is that bad a place to live in, these people who voted for the PAP must be drunk and senseless and the remaining 1/3 or less (people like some of you) must be the SOBER ones!
Furthermore, compare those NGOs which abhor the Singapore style of government, with the many world leaders who regard Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew as a great stateman. The former is the sober lot while the latter is a group of senseless leaders? And needless to say, you are thinking that the foreign investors are definitely blind to park large sum of capital in Singapore! Come of it.

Sometimes it helps to look at things from another perspective - without the well orchestrated government handling of Singapore, what could have become of this country? Is it possible for any government to intervene just enough to create a great GDP figure and at the same time create an outstanding standard of living like what some of you yearn for? Look at some of the great democratic countries around us.

Of course Singapore is no paradise. She isn't one, and there isn't one either.

Try this: Juxtapose an old man collecting picking empty cans for reselling AND an able-bodied young man living on social welfare. Who do you think has more dignity? The old man earning his own keeps or the young man who gets money from the government for doing nothing? Your answer will reflect your character.

Anonymous said...

" And just think about it, how can most Singaporeans complain about life and be overweight at the same time? :)- zy "

well, i am a pig farmer, i feed my pigs very well, all of them are well fed & overweight, but they still complain sometimes.

humans need more than just food, even pigs need more than just food.

Anonymous said...

to anon @ 2.37am,
"your answer will reflect your character" about answering this one in return?

Political leaders who promise swiss standard of living or proclaiming singapore is in a golden period, but we see old folks picking cans to survive on meagre earnings whilst those political leaders help themselves to millions of tax-payers' money, who then, are the real leeches and scums of society ?