Sunday, October 14, 2012

Singaporean Men are Pathetic

I can't believe that this article has appeared in the news:
"A young Singapore man has appealed publicly to Minister in Prime Minister Office Grace Fu during a townhall meeting recently to stop foreign men from ‘stealing’ Singaporean women from local men. 
During the Q&A session, he complained that Singapore men are losing out in the race to the altar because local women are increasingly favoring foreign men 
His complaint drew a round of laughter from the audience, but he silenced them with a glaring look: 
“I think we shouldn’t laugh. It is an important problem and we need to solve it,” he thundered. 
He added that foreign men tend to enjoy higher pay and better perks which give them an unfair advantage in the competition for Singaporean women’s heart."
Singaporean men are so pathetic. They cry to the PAP Gahmen about everything. Complain about foreigners taking away jobs, and now complain to the Gahmen about foreigners taking away girls.

And then in an act of what can only be described as pussy neurotic masochism, they keep on voting for this Gahmen who keep on screwing them over by bringing foreigners to the country.