Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Make Community Service Compulsory For All Foreign Scholars

I refer to the article "NUS scholar fined S$3,000, gets 3 months community service" and applaud the disciplinary action taken by university provost Tan Eng Chye against the improper and insensitive behaviour of Sun Xu. In particular, I applaud the community service 'punishment' and would like to make a suggestion that all foreign scholars be required to complete compulsory community service as a prerequisite to graduation.

Compulsory community service ensures that these foreign students invest time and effort into the Singaporean community which spends millions of dollars to fund their education. It also ensures that they learn more about Singaporean culture and helps to integrate them into Singapore society.

Most importantly, it sends a clear moral message to students that academic achievement is meaningless if it is not accompanied by cultural sensitivity and a sense of social responsibility. It is time for us to require a substantial social return on our investment in foreign talent, rather than just contribution to GDP.


Amused said...


Anonymous said...

I also support the community service part. It should be part of the curriculum before they can graduate.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but this is a load of bull.

Singapore would be better off if her sons and daughters were the first to volunteer their time and effort.

Have foreigners do community service? What business have they to do so? Never heard of a worse idea.


KAM said...

They should do it BEFORE they qualify for the scholarship, as part of an annual curriculum.
This is also called Integration Courses.

Anonymous said...

They also work on old age home as the senior citizens are the SINGAPORE HERO

Anonymous said...

No, I suggest all foreign student spent 3 weeks in jail so that they know the meaning of imprisonment if they're to be rude to Singaporean in the future after they graduation.

Anonymous said...

Bull! Our MIWs bend over backwards to accommodate them in hopes of getting 1st class talents and what we got are 3rd rate. Take you suggestion and we will cheapen our degrees further when trashes graduate from our unis while better locals cannot enrol.