Friday, February 24, 2012

Tin Pei Ling Next in Line to Sue TR Emeritus?

Channelnewsasia reports that TRE and Lee Hsien Yang have reached an "amicable settlement". Lee is reportedly satisfied with the deletion of the allegedly defamatory comment and the expression on the part of TRE.

Mr Lee's lawyer said: "My client is satisfied that his requests have been met, that the false and defamatory postings have been removed and that TRE' has acknowledged and expressed regret over this posting. The vindication of his name and reputation is important."

But I think this incident shows the irony of the lawsuit letters.I didn't know there was any allegations against Mr Lee Hsien Yang, but now I am wondering what precisely what is it that the poster of the comment accused Lee Hsien Yang of. Lee's lawyers' letter has called my attention to this incident and now like any other kay-poh Singapore I want to know what is it that make Mr Lee so upset about that he has to pay $thousands to hire a lawyer to threaten to sue TRE.

Well either way it is good news that TRE doesn't have to pay $$$ to the two Lee brothers otherwise they probably will have to shut down. But I am interested to see who is going to be the next one to serve a lawyers' letter to TRE... maybe Tin Pei Ling?

I am sure there are many articles that TRE posted about Tin Pei Ling that Tin is not happy about. I am also sure there are many comments posted about Tin Pei Ling that she can find an excuse to serve a lawyers' letter to TRE. I am sure during the GE 2011 that Tin received extensive coverage and attention on TRE and that it will not be difficult for Tin to find defamatory comments that malign her reputation.

Many netizens are pretty sure that the PAP and its agents would like to see TRemeritus closed and dead. TRE has been a thorn in the butt of the ruling party for a very long time and until the emergence of Richard Wan into the public sphere, PAP has had difficulty responding to or trying to control TRE.

PAP MPs have a history of following in the footsteps of their leaders to sue critics and opposition members. Particularly during the time of J.B. Jeyaretnam it wasn't just the Lee family involved in lawsuits, but many other PAP MPs jumped on the bandwagon as well. It will be sad indeed if the lawsuits continue — for then we will see our country regressing to the dark ages of legal intimidation of the past.

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Anonymous said...

Tin Pei Lin is nobody in everyone eyes. I doubt she will sue to bloat up her head, while LHL is still struggling for image control over his own legal letter. Netizens are crying foul over all these unncessary defamation suit.