Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MarketWatch Pundit Calls a Meltdown

I hope you get it by now. I am not a market bull. And neither is Paul Farrell. Bernanke won't turn off the liquidity tap. Meanwhile Geithner, Paulson & friends continue to prop up the crap financial institutions like Citigroup, Bank of America, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie. America is super obese because of its addiction to leverage and debt, and speculators are punting up the stock market when the economy is hardly showing a recovery.

Good luck to all of you currently in the stock market. I hope, for your sake, that I am wrong.

Wall Street's 2012 meltdown sweepstakes

It's coming in 2012: Another, bigger meltdown of Wall Street's "too-greedy-to-fail" banks. No, this is not another fanatical warning about that Dec. 21, 2012 end-of-days prediction based on the Mayan calendar, though you may well ask "Who will survive?"

Here is what's happening: History is repeating itself. Wall Street's soul-sickness is setting up a new meltdown. Dead ahead. Be prepared.


Unfortunately America's collective brain was addicted to the adrenaline rush of gambling in a risky bull. The euphoria is intoxicating. We were caught up in a game of musical chairs, squeezing out every last dollar of return, blind to the catastrophe ahead until caught by surprise. Unfortunately, Wall Street lacked a moral compass and stole trillions from American taxpayers. Today, the only lesson Wall Street has learned is "greed is good." Now the beginning of the end has become a moral tragedy that is setting the stage for an implosion of Wall Street, capitalism and our economy circa 2012.

Everyone's still listening, still in a trance

Yes, another meltdown is coming; it's inevitable. This time, I've decided to do more periodic updates -- a watch list of alerts, warnings and predictions. Just like the updates done for over a decade, except this time we're more aware that few in power will listen, not Wall Street, not Washington, not Corporate America. But you must.

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