Friday, December 21, 2007

Singapore's Population Statistics - The Rise of Foreign Talent

Singapore adopts an open immigration policy with a strong belief in attracting “foreign talent” to drive the country's economic growth. As shown below, this has contributed to a consistent growth in the number of non-residents in Singapore since 2003, rising from 748 million to about 1,005 million in 2007, for an annual growth rate of about 7.7%.

The % of the Singapore Population who are non-residents has also been on the rise, recently breaking through the 20% mark in 2007 to 21.48%.

At the current rate, the % of foreigners in Singapore looks set to rise significantly, as the country continues to import "foreign talent" - both cheap foreign labour and senior executives - to boost the population and to drive the country towards a knowledge-based economy, and target wealthy foreigners to grow its tourism, private banking and premium real estate businesses.

The % of foreigners in the country could easily rise to 25%, and even 30-35% in the coming years.

All statistics are publicly available from SingStat.


Anonymous said...

If the Master of this tiny landpiece is incline to globalising this country. Then there shall be no such thing as 'foreign anything'.

Onlooker said...

And if you(native) leave you are a quitter but not PAPa daughter and son(in which case they are cosmopolitan promoting Us).All those that came and the most important ones left(guy who clone dolly). Facilitate vote bying by "upgrading and citizenship" really what are you afraid of?